Kenji Hirasawa (Art)

Born in Tokyo in 1982; currently resides in London. After graduating from Keio University’s department of environmental information in 2006, he moved to England…


Ben Khan – 1992 EP

If like us, you follow every release from the London artist Ben Khan, you would be disapointed to see that no new tracks are…


El. Train – Lucid EP

The UK producer El. Train previously hosted an amazing Banana mixtape for us. He was telling us about his « 25 project » and how he…


Julie Legrand (Art)

Julie Legrand is born in 1973 in Suresnes, France. She now lives and works in Paris.


Gold Zebra LP

GOLD ZEBRA LP by GOLD ZEBRA The Montreal-based duo Gold Zebra, is famous for giving a new spin of the Chromatics formula, adding more…

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Adolescent (Interview)

Adolescent is going to re-release his first 2012 chilled EP at the end of the month via the KLDSCP label. A great opportunity to…


Horse Head – Roses

ROSES by HORSE HEAD Even the electronic producer with a weird mniker, quirky CGI music videos and odd textured sounds, can sometimes get emotional…


Moon Bounce – Whore (Video)

We recently interviewed the Philly singer Moon Bounce and now he shares a new intimist and personal video. « Whore » is a creepy tale of…


Phases Mag #1

Welcome to a new monthly Banana feature, brought to you by the delightful people of Phases Mag, an independant and well curated photography website…


INTRODUCING : Retro Culture

Afterthoughts by Retro Culture Retro Culture by Retro Culture Retro Culture is Matt Connelly a DIY Melbourne artist. Inspired by Chillwave and the score…


Cashy (Interview)

If websites like Datpiff or Nahright featured in your Favorites Tab, then you probably already know the cool new upcoming rapper Cashy. If not…


Mathematique – Feel EP

Once again the French label Stellar Kinematics demonstrate impeccable taste with a great new release coming from a talented Montreal one-girl band. Mathematique is…


Olaf Metzel (Art)

Olaf Metzel is a sculptor, installation, and performance artist born in 1952, he now lives and works in Berlin.


INTRODUCING : A Sol Mechanic

I like Soundcloud because it’s working well, it’s free and also that it makes it easier to discover new artists. Using the famous « Soundcloud…

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PREMIERE : Makeup – Skin

Last week the Atlanta electronic producer Makeup graced us with a beautiful and sparse Banana mixtape. And since we are very lucky guy and…


Makeup – Banana Mixtape 018

The Atlanta electronic producer MAKEUP, graced us with a stunning Banana mixtape entitled « I Have Nothing To Say And I’m Saying It », an homage…


Tirzah – Malfunction (Video)

« Malfunction » is a great new collaborative track between singer Tirzah and the androgyn producer Micachu. For this new track they decided to spend it…