Compton Chic’s music sounds exactly like her moniker, rough and classy at the same time. The 20 years old Canada producer loves to turn the most cheesy R&B tracks into the sickest and hard remix you could think of. It’s like a slow Trap anthem fueled by sadness.

Who are you ?
A fragile soul doomed to life on earth

How would you describe your hybrid musical style?

What is the best place and set of mind to listen to your music?
Stoned at 4 am while the love of your life is breaking up with you via facebook

Is there artists you respect too much to sample, or is sampling a way to pay your homage?
Sampling is definitly an hommage to me, but there are plenty of artists out there that are too pure to sample, the best example. I can give is the track Le Brin D’herbe by Brigitte Fontaine. One of the most beautiful songs ever made, and way too perfect to be sampled.

Your music is heavily based on vocal Sample, is that because you are afraid of singing?
Lol no. Alot of times when I listen to RnB, i’ll feel some of the lyrics so strongly, almost as if i wrote them myself, and thoses lyrics float in my head and end up making a melody of their own and thats when I feel the need to create a track.

Tell us about your crew Booty Bakery?
Me and my two friends Phil Sparkz and Bongiovanni started the project two years ago. It stemmed from after-parties we were throwing and ended up being way bigger than we expected. Booty Bakery really is a platform to showcase me and my friends musical talents and also our way of promoting art that we support.

The Montreal beatmaking scene seems very active, new projects appearing all the time, parties are thrown every week. How do you explain that?
People are really creative in Montreal. It’s a city where it’s easy to start projects and get people involved. Also, everyone is so open-minded and excited to discover new music. Montrealers want to be relevant and know whats going on in the world.

Where would you go if you have to go live elsewhere?
NYC !!!!!!!!!

You are also part of a producing duo DPRST, tell us in what this project is different from your solo work?
DPRST is my baby. Its the project I use to exteriorize all the negativity and sadness I have inside of me. Hesk and I co-produce the tracks and I write the lyrics. To me, DPRST is what I would like to see flourish the most in the future. Compton chic is way more electronic club-ish music . I get my inspiration from music i’ve grown up with and/or beatmatching tracks when i’m djing. The newer stuff i’m cooking up have some of my own vocals in it 🙂

Did you enjoy producing music with someone else, what are the downsides?
It depends who i’m working with, but Hesk definitly has to be my musical soulmate. Whatever ideas he has are pretty much the ideas I want in a song and vice versa. It’s really amazing to be able to vibe off someone else perfectly like that. We obviously have to compromise on things but in the end, we’re always pretty mindblown at what we create together.

What is your favorite 90’s R&B singer

And now in 2013, if you could collaborate with one R&B singer, who would it be?

What is next for you and your crew?
Keep on putting out strong compilations under Booty Based Mob, working really hard on music and hopefully being able to live off it !